England vs Australia at Trent Bridge – Day Three

With the English Premier League season set to kick off at 12:30, the question on the lips of those who like both football and cricket was, “will the test be over before the football starts?”

Within the bowels of Trent Bridge, the questions were of a more logistical nature – “Will we need to prepare lunch for the players? Will the game even last that long?”

In the end it lasted just 40 minutes, not even enough time for the crowd to get drunk. Wood finished his over from the night before and Stokes bowled from the other end; both bowlers continuingly troubling the Australian batters.

Seeing them struggle it was almost a relief to watch them be put out of their misery. Starc edged Stokes to Bell before Wood comprehensively bowled both Hazlewood and Lyon.

England had won by an innings and 78 runs, the first time that they had beaten Australia by an innings at home since 1985. More importantly England had reclaimed the Ashes with a match to spare.

Following such a complete victory, only one question remained – what can I do for the rest of the weekend in Nottingham now that the cricket has finished? If only there were a local listings website around here somewhere…

Author’s notes

Originally published on the On Nottingham website


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