Notts Outlaws vs Derbyshire Phantoms

The Sky’s the limit – a rant about logistics

It rained pretty much all afternoon in Nottingham. However, the optimists were still convinced that the Twenty20 game between Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire would still go ahead. The game was due to start at 7:15 and according to the forecast it was supposed to have stopped raining by then.

Since I don’t live in Nottingham at the minute, it’s a good 45 minute drive for me to get there. Since I was convinced that the game would be called off while I was driving I decided to park at the train station since at least I could go for a couple of beers in town if it was.

When I pulled up it was drizzling – the sort of drizzle that if the game had started, it would probably have continued but it looked pretty persistent. Bearing in mind it takes around an hour and a quarter to remove the covers and start to dry the outfield, it was already pretty obvious at this point that we wouldn’t be having any cricket.

I got to the ground at 7pm and they had already announced that the start would be delayed. By 7:30, the drizzle had turned into a downpour. It still took until around five past eight until the game was finally called off.

I can’t help but feel that if the game hadn’t been scheduled to be shown on Sky that it would have been called off far earlier. I’m all for waiting to see if the weather changes if there’s actually a chance that it will but it was seemed pretty obvious from the weather all day that there wasn’t going to be a match. Even Sky appeared to realise that play was unlikely as they started showing the 2006 T20 final between Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire (interesting to see just how young Stuart Broad looked when he was playing for Leicestershire)

Maybe I’m being selfish since I had to drive an hour and a half to watch no cricket but it would have been nice if someone had used some common sense and called the game off a bit sooner. Plus, I then got absolutely drenched walking back to my car. At least the ticket is valid for any other Nottinghamshire game so I can go back when the weather is a better and I got to meet the trophy.

Author’s notes

Nottinghamshire Outlaws vs Derbyshire Phantoms at Trent Bridge on 10/06/2016

Originally published on the On Nottingham website

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