Pint of Science 2016 Day 1

Write-up of Nottingham Pint of Science 2016 Day 1

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Public Lecture Series May 2016

Write-up of University of Nottingham Public Lecture Series talk from May 2016

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Talk from 19/05/2016 at University of Nottingham – Dr Thomas Sotiriou: Gravitational Waves – From Newton’s Law To Black Holes And Space-Time Ripples

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Café Sci May 2016

With antibiotic resistance on the rise, Café Sci presents Dr Freya Harrison from the School of Life Sciences and Bimolecular Science at the University of Nottingham to talk about whether we can find new antibiotics in medieval medical books. Did the Anglo-Saxon methods for dealing with infection work? Is it time to bring back the leech books? Continue reading “Café Sci May 2016”