SciBar November 2017

Write-up of Nottingham SciBar from November 2017

Author’s notes

Talk from 29/11/2107 at The Vat & Fiddle – Peter Wigmore: The Hippocampus – A Memorable Part Of The Brain

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Fan Club at Rough Trade

Review of Fan Club’s Festive Party at Rough Trade

Author’s notes

Gig from 02/12/2017 at Rough Trade – Dream Nails, Liines, Velodrome and Dacodac

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Public Lecture Series November 2017

Write-up of the University of Nottingham Public Lecture Series talk from November 2017

Author’s notes

Talk from 16/11/2017 at University of Nottingham – Dr Hannah O’Regan: Who’s Eating Who? Hominins And Carnivores In Human Evolution

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