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Welcome to my WordPress site! The idea was to put together a virtual portfolio of all of my writing so that links to everything that I’ve had published is in one place. This has also given me the opportunity to share articles that haven’t been published before for whatever reason and also those articles that were on the On Nottingham website before it was sadly taken down.


SciBar November 2017

Write-up of Nottingham SciBar from November 2017

Author’s notes

Talk from 29/11/2107 at The Vat & Fiddle – Peter Wigmore: The Hippocampus – A Memorable Part Of The Brain

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Public Lecture Series November 2017

Write-up of the University of Nottingham Public Lecture Series talk from November 2017

Author’s notes

Talk from 16/11/2017 at University of Nottingham – Dr Hannah O’Regan: Who’s Eating Who? Hominins And Carnivores In Human Evolution

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